January 25, 2018

Whoo!  2017 was a crazy busy year for us!  We celebrated our one year anniversary of being open to the public on 10/15/2017.  Its hard to believe we are already three months into our second year as a growing business!

We are proud of ourselves and all we have accomplished so far!  But mostly, we are proud of you- our supporters.  We are so fortunate to have such enthusiastic customers clamoring for more YCBC beer!

2018 is going to be an even bigger year for us!  We are increasing our focus on distribution to ensure that you get more of the beer you love in more places!  

We're also going to ramp up our focus on providing a place for great local musicians to cut their teeth and perform for you!  Beginning in late March we will have music nearly every Friday and Saturday, so come out, drink, dance and be merry!


Julia Roberts 

Red, White and BrewFest hosted by 10 Catawba

We had the privilege of being invited to our first local event. The Red, White and BrewFest hosted by 10 Catawba was an amazing event, every ticket sold or canned item brought to the facility was donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. We took three beers, Quintessential Pale Ale, Citrafuge American IPA and The Lady In Black Porter. The crowd was amazing, the band was on point and we received really awesome feedback on our product. Joe and I were overwhelmed by the support we saw from current and new YCBC fans. If you were unable to give us feedback and would like to do so, find us on UNTAPPD and leave us an honest response. We will keep striving for excellence and keeping you coming back through the door. Thank You 10 Catawba, Adrien and everyone involved in putting this event on. 



Our view from behind the our jockey box station.

Our view from behind the our jockey box station.

Opening Summer 2016!!!

The decision to open in Belmont was not a decision made lightly or without great consideration.  Our heart is with our lovely historic neighborhood where this all started.  We have spent the past three years searching for the perfect spot to open in Gastonia with no luck.  Our decision to move to Belmont does not mean we do not still love our Gastonia heritage, but when opportunity comes knocking you answer the door!  Belmont has always held a very special place in the heart of founder/brewer Jarvis Roberts as this is where he met his beautiful wife Julia.  We are delighted to return to our favorite small town! 

We would not be at this point today though without two very special friends/co-founders, Joe and Beth Nevil.  Bringing them on board is one of the best decisions ever made. 

Also, a very special heartfelt thanks to Pat Brennan of Rivermen Brewing for taking us under his wing and providing us this opportunity. 

Here's to a beautiful future!!


We Made It... Finally!!!

 I'm feeling overwhelmed and all kinds of excited. We have finally found a home for our brewery and looking forward to sharing the location and specifics in the coming days. We will be a two barrel operation with four two barrel fermenters and a brite tank. We feel the small brew house will allow us the flexibility and freedom to express our passion and love for our craft. In turn, this will be passed on to you via quality and crispness of our product. What we will lack in size we will make up for with hard work, passion and personality. Joe and I look forward to meeting the fans of YCBC. Stay tuned for an official announcement in the coming days. 


Founder Jarvis and Co-Founder Joe


ATTENTION:  The opportunity is now!  What opportunity you might ask?  Your opportunity to help bring delicious craft beer to downtown Gastonia.

How?  By joining the YORKIES FOUNDERS' CLUB

Tell me more:  The Yorkies Founders' Club is a founders' package which consists of the following:

20 oz personalized copper stein which you will receive at the time of opening.  This stein will be stored at the brewery, and when you come in for a drink, provided to you for your use.  For the price of a pint, you will receive an additional 4 ounces free with each beer you purchase.

Invitation/Free entry to small batch tastings and a pre-grand opening party.  Your admittance to small batch tastings will exist as long as the brewery does.

A growler which you can bring in at any time and fill by choosing one of the beers that we have on tap at the time.  Redeemable for up to $500 worth of beer.  The redeemable beer is for growler use only.  Once your $500 is gone- it's gone.

$100 worth of merchandise (once available to choose from)

Your name located within the brewery as a founder (most likely will be in the form of a commemorative brick)

Sounds great, but how much is this all going to cost me?:  $1,000

What is my money being used for?:  The money will be used to assist with purchasing brewing equipment and other items needed to help open the brewery.

So....what happens if YCBC doesn't open?:  If we are not progressing to opening by January 2017, then your money will be refunded to you.

There will be a contract of some kind drawn up and provided to members of the Founders' Club detailing specifically what they will receive as well as how your money will be refunded to you if we do not open.

We at YCBC truly believe that having a craft brewery in downtown Gastonia will be beneficial to the economy and the community.  We have so many hopes and dreams about giving back to the community as well as brining people together.  

Message me if you are interested or email me at yorkchesterbrew@gmail.com

Winding Path

Another Beautiful Brew Day

Another Beautiful Brew Day

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Grizzlies Beerfest. Your support and feedback mean the world to us. Just to give everyone an update, we are in the middle of finalizing the first draft of the business plan. Hopefully we will be submitting our plan in the coming weeks. Completion of our business plans hinges on the arrival of my first child!!!! All things stop when Tessa comes into the world. We have found a new location for the brewery and are involved in negotiations for the space. I do believe that the location will surprise and excite our fans, can't wait to update you guys on that in the future. We are also looking into a couple of ideas to raise some extra funds to purchase items and equipment for the brewery. Another item I will keep you guys up on. Other than that I can't wait to post some pics and videos of our new concoctions.  


Jarvis D. Roberts , Head Brewer/Owner

Entering Our First Contest!!!

Next month we will enter the North Carolina Brewer's Cup. Submitting our American Lager for competition. This is the first competition that YCBC has participated in and we are extremely excited and nervous. With a good showing, we can take a giant step forward to being recognized as a legitimate new comer in the craft brew industry. With that being said, last night we had a little bit of a scare when we ran out of CO2 during our force carbonation. Biggest fear with this is our beer oxidizing, which would be very disappointing. I have been taking care of this beer for over three months, and the thought that it could be ruined in a matter of hours is very frustrating. Like always we will continue to strive for excellence and produce great beers for our fans.

On a lighter note, we will be having our next tasting at Grape and Barley.  I know we will have a great turn out and support from the yorkies. looking forward to bringing something new and exciting to the tasting, so stay tuned for more information.

YCBC Owner and Head Brewer

We are on our way!!

If you are visiting our page for the first time, I would like to personally welcome you. With this blog I hope to give our fans a look inside of what it takes to get a brewery started and become succesful. I will post every milestone reached on this blog, all the way up until opening. We have a long way to go in just a short time, so hang on for the ride.

Time for the good stuff....BEER!!!! Starting to finalize the annual and seasonal rotations for the tap room. Lots of brewing to take place in the coming weeks. After a couple weeks of fermentation we will put a post where our next tasting will be held on our Facebook page, instagram account and on our website. It's been a while since that last tasting, all of those who came out in support, Thank You. Hopefully we will see plenty of new and old faces at our next tasting.

With that being said, we have located a building that has a strong possibility of becoming our home. Even though we love the location we are still keeping our eye open for other locations within the city of Gastonia. Our business plan is coming together slowly but surely. We want to make sure that the business plan accurately reflects the areas need for a craft brewery, and shows how it can enhance regionalism and city pride. Who knew malt, hops, water and yeast could do so much.

Much more to come in the future so stay tuned to our post!!!!


YCBC, Owner and Head Brewer