We are on our way!!

If you are visiting our page for the first time, I would like to personally welcome you. With this blog I hope to give our fans a look inside of what it takes to get a brewery started and become succesful. I will post every milestone reached on this blog, all the way up until opening. We have a long way to go in just a short time, so hang on for the ride.

Time for the good stuff....BEER!!!! Starting to finalize the annual and seasonal rotations for the tap room. Lots of brewing to take place in the coming weeks. After a couple weeks of fermentation we will put a post where our next tasting will be held on our Facebook page, instagram account and on our website. It's been a while since that last tasting, all of those who came out in support, Thank You. Hopefully we will see plenty of new and old faces at our next tasting.

With that being said, we have located a building that has a strong possibility of becoming our home. Even though we love the location we are still keeping our eye open for other locations within the city of Gastonia. Our business plan is coming together slowly but surely. We want to make sure that the business plan accurately reflects the areas need for a craft brewery, and shows how it can enhance regionalism and city pride. Who knew malt, hops, water and yeast could do so much.

Much more to come in the future so stay tuned to our post!!!!


YCBC, Owner and Head Brewer