ATTENTION:  The opportunity is now!  What opportunity you might ask?  Your opportunity to help bring delicious craft beer to downtown Gastonia.

How?  By joining the YORKIES FOUNDERS' CLUB

Tell me more:  The Yorkies Founders' Club is a founders' package which consists of the following:

20 oz personalized copper stein which you will receive at the time of opening.  This stein will be stored at the brewery, and when you come in for a drink, provided to you for your use.  For the price of a pint, you will receive an additional 4 ounces free with each beer you purchase.

Invitation/Free entry to small batch tastings and a pre-grand opening party.  Your admittance to small batch tastings will exist as long as the brewery does.

A growler which you can bring in at any time and fill by choosing one of the beers that we have on tap at the time.  Redeemable for up to $500 worth of beer.  The redeemable beer is for growler use only.  Once your $500 is gone- it's gone.

$100 worth of merchandise (once available to choose from)

Your name located within the brewery as a founder (most likely will be in the form of a commemorative brick)

Sounds great, but how much is this all going to cost me?:  $1,000

What is my money being used for?:  The money will be used to assist with purchasing brewing equipment and other items needed to help open the brewery.

So....what happens if YCBC doesn't open?:  If we are not progressing to opening by January 2017, then your money will be refunded to you.

There will be a contract of some kind drawn up and provided to members of the Founders' Club detailing specifically what they will receive as well as how your money will be refunded to you if we do not open.

We at YCBC truly believe that having a craft brewery in downtown Gastonia will be beneficial to the economy and the community.  We have so many hopes and dreams about giving back to the community as well as brining people together.  

Message me if you are interested or email me at yorkchesterbrew@gmail.com