Opening Summer 2016!!!

The decision to open in Belmont was not a decision made lightly or without great consideration.  Our heart is with our lovely historic neighborhood where this all started.  We have spent the past three years searching for the perfect spot to open in Gastonia with no luck.  Our decision to move to Belmont does not mean we do not still love our Gastonia heritage, but when opportunity comes knocking you answer the door!  Belmont has always held a very special place in the heart of founder/brewer Jarvis Roberts as this is where he met his beautiful wife Julia.  We are delighted to return to our favorite small town! 

We would not be at this point today though without two very special friends/co-founders, Joe and Beth Nevil.  Bringing them on board is one of the best decisions ever made. 

Also, a very special heartfelt thanks to Pat Brennan of Rivermen Brewing for taking us under his wing and providing us this opportunity. 

Here's to a beautiful future!!